Our Chaplains

Over the years, there have been a number of Chaplains and Chaplaincy fieldworkers and Jewish Student Chaplaincy Scotland continues to be the only community organisation with the specific remit of supporting Jewish students in Scotland. (if anyone has better pictures of the chaplains can you please contact us)

Chaplains and Chaplaincy Workers

1969-1978 Rabbi Michael Rosin Michael-Rosin
1978-1979 Rabbi Tuvia and Sara Hochwald Hochwalds
1979-1980 David Dimant Dimant
1980-1981 Rabbi Dr Shimon and Linor Simpson Simpson
1981-1983 Rev. Ze’ev and Yaffa Amit Amits
1984-1985 Rabbi Ya’akov and Rivka Rushnyevsky Rushnyevsky
1986-1987 Rabbi Benji and Yehudith Cohen Cohen-Benji
1987-1993 Rabbi Michael and Ruthie Rosin Michael-and-Ruth-Rosin
1993-1994 Richard Jacobs (Chaplaincy Worker) Jacobs-Richard
1994-2008 Rabbi Dovid and Sora Cohen Dovid-Cohen
2008 Gabby Houri and Tanya Stone (Chaplaincy Workers) Gaby&Tanya
2009 Adam Nuhi (Chaplaincy Worker) Adam-Nuhi
2009-2012 Rabbi Garry and Suzanne Wayland Gary-Wayland
2012 – 2018 Rabbi Yossi and Sarah Bodenheim bodenheims-couple_1
2019 Eli Grunewald >
2019 – Rabbi Aharon and Hodaya Lemberger Lembergers