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October 2019

Tuesday 8 October – Edinburgh

You are invited to pre-fast Yom Kippur meal in Edinburgh 4:30pm – see our Facebook post for details – the meal is free for students, but you have to preregister so we can prepare enough food.

Come prepare for the fast and have a blast! Join our Seudah at EHC, and feel free to stay for Kol Nidrei, the opening service of Yom

September 2019

Message from Aharon and Hodaya

May the next year be a brilliant one! At least a wee bit better than the last!
And may we all find our special path in life and succeed staying on it.
תהא שנה פוריה!

Shana Tova – Happy New Year – Have a sweet new year and an easy fast!


First Bagel Lunch at Edinburgh

Freshers Week – and Hodaya and Aharon are active with students

Edinburgh Freshers




















August 2019


Our new Chaplains have arrived and are settling into their home

July 2019

Our new Chaplains should be arriving soon

June 2019

We wish to thank Eli Grunewald for his hard work maintaining Chaplaincy services for students studying at a Scottish University.

Presentation of Quaich






May 2019

Details to follow

April 2019

Details to follow

March 2019

Details to follow

February 2019

Our temporary Chaplain Eli Grunewald has been appointed-

January 2019

The search for replacement chaplains begins………….

December 2018

It is with great regret and sadness that we, Sarah and Yossi, wish you all goodbye, after 6 years of enjoyment and work in Scotland we are moving on to pastures new. Thank you all.

Thank you to the board of JSCS for the wonderful leaving gift of a QUAICH


September 2018

Sukkot under the Stars? – details and pictures to follow………….

Friday Night and  Shabbos –  Edinburgh  – 21 and 22 September

Home baked Challah – YUM YUM

Yom Kippur – prefast repast

Repast pre Fast chez Bodenheim

Freshers Pics



St Andrews


Chag Sameach – we wish you all a happy new year and well over the fast

Welcome back to all continuing students and a big welcome to all freshers – do feel free to contact us on the contacts page

August 2018

and we are back planning for this new academic year

July 2018

Thank you all

March 2018

Chag Sameach all

Matza Delivery

Pesach survival kits delivered.

Pesach will soon be upon us


We are hosting a Student “Home away from home” Pesach seder in Glasgow.

All the traditional food, songs and a true feeling of freedom!

We would be happy for you to join us!

If you are coming from outside of Glasgow we can arrange a place for you to stay. Use either Contact Yossi or Contact Sarah on the contact page to send us an email

February 2018

Happy Purim all

Purim 2018 Invite

Burns Ball at Edinburgh

Glasgow Invades Edinburgh

January 2018

At the beginning of term we held an Edinburgh Friday Night dinner with over 30 students, it was good to see new faces too – hopefully you will enjoy our other activities too. On the Shabbos we had lunch in Edinburgh Shul with many students and the Edinburgh community

On Tu Bishvat we held a fruit sculpture competition with a cash prize and a party at lunch time in Edinburgh, in the evening we held a discussion/learning session at Glasgow University

December 2017

 See you all next term

Happy Channuka

November 2017


Was a very busy month starting and ending with  St Andrews – over 1,500 miles with visits to Aberdeen,  St Andrews 4 visits including one with Mark Regev – Israel Ambassador, and our regular visits to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

October 2017

Now busy with #ShabbatUK  – Challah Bake at Edinburgh with Students and members of the community

Yom Tov may be over but we never stop

St Andrews Succah

September 2017

Yom Tov – its going to be a busy month

Freshers week round Scotland

June 2017

The party is over for another year – congratulations to all those just graduating – we hope to see you all soon

May 2017

A report of this months activities will follow shortly

April 2017

Visited Aberdeen and St Andrews Universities with the Chief Rabbi, feedback from students was very positive and the Chief Rabbi’s talk was enjoyed by all. In St Andrews,  chaplaincy sponsored lunch. We handed out 25 Pesach packs (Matza, Grape Juice, and other goodies) in St Andrews.  We also Handed out Pesach packs in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Attended the UJS awards dinner in London – Scotland received two awards.

Our Pesach Seder was well attended (25 students) and some from Aberdeen stayed overnight.

During Chol Hamoed Pesach we made a further trip to St Andrews where we brought a meaty Pesach lunch for over 30 students – a taste of home over the holidays

Yom Haatzmaut  saw us back in St Andrews for an Israeli themed lunch (for 20 students) and both of us said our goodbyes to those graduating.

We held our final Shabbaton for the term in Edinburgh with 30 students having dinner at the shul and we all had some good lechaims for the forthcoming exams and said goodbyes to those graduating this year.

It’s finally here…

Emoji Haggada :

A long time ago the were in  and had to  all day.

Moses went to Pharoah, turned his into a and : Let my

Pharoh :

So God sent plagues: , , , ,,,, , .

Finally Pharoh : get outta here Go by or just go and don’t come

The took all the in and tried to bake some but they had to leave by so the didn’t rise and ended up looking like.  So the ran, but oh no! the changed their minds and came and the got stuck by the of .

So Nachshon  into the and the sea . Yay! Miriam and everyone and everyone and was .  Then they wandered in the desert until they came to a and got the . Now we eat lots of (but not ) and drink! We invite all to the table: the , the , the , and the .

We about one that bought for two , but then came a and a and a and a and and a and a and finally.

Everyone is about to because it is so now we .

Next year in !!!

March 2017

Chag Purim Sameach – Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum – celebrations Chez Bodenheim – can you guess what the Theme was?

February 2017

Another busy fun month – pictures and text will follow shortly

January 2017

An eventful month full of Bagel Lunches and visits to various Universities – culminating with the Burns Ball held in Edinburgh (the first of 2 Burns Suppers our new arrival attended) – spot the spelling mistake

Welcome to the latest Bodenheim – a wonderful start to our year

 December 2016

details will be coming

November 2016

Shabbat UK

Hosted a great challah bake in Edinburgh with the community and students. Over 40 people attended. There was a great atmosphere, lots of challah, and a falafel dinner was served. The next day students sold challah at the university and raised 100 pounds.

Together with the Glasgow community we arranged a big challah bake for Glasgow a few students attended this event.

Friday Night Dinner at Giffnock Shul Friday – 20 students joined the Shul’s Friday night dinner – their meals were sponsored by Giffnock Shul members.

St.Andrews Ball – Sarah and I drove up to St Andrews right after Shabbat with 250 Hot dogs, rolls, kosher wine and more to join students for a great event. It was great to see so many faces from around the country support this event.

Yossi was invited to present Time for reflection at the Scottish Parliament – was a great experience and a good way to let people know what chaplains do on campus.

  Video Link – Scottish Parliament (New Tab – External Link)

 Text Link Scottish Parliament (New Tab – External Link)

March of the Living – Scott from “March of the Living” was up for and joined lunches and to speak to students.

October 2016

A month packed full of adventure – with Yom Tov taking a big slice out of time:

First night Rosh Hashana we hosted a meal with 25 students at our house – some new faces but a fantastic crowd

Another great crowd for pre Yom Kippur meal

There was a big turn out for the discussion at Edinburgh University for Hate Crimes Week – Yossi was on the Panel

At Sukkot we had 20 students on the first night Yom Tov for fun in our Sukkah, and during Chol Hamoed we held Sukka meals at Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities. With students visiting us and some staying over for Yom Tov meals for the whole of Sukkot and Simchat Torah

After Sukkot Yossi  was on Interfaith Panel at Edinburgh University

September 2016

Back with a bang.

A whirlwind of activity with Fresher fairs, bagel lunches, sushi events with visits to Aberdeen, St  Anderews,  Edinburgh and Glasgow – with meetings in Manchester and London too

 August and September 2016

Yay its holiday time – relax and refresh and recharge our batteries getting ready for the next year

July 2016

We are preparing for the new university year – and will be back soon …………

Mazel Tov  to Susan Leckerman and Darren Haniford  …………..


June 2016

Some pictures of recent graduations

Chag Sameach

Chag Sameach

May 2016

On the first Shabbat this month we hosted an end of year Friday Night Dinner in Edinburgh with a special L’ Chayim for those graduating

The following week there was a lecture and dinner in St Andrews in honour of the former Chief Rabbi Sacks receiving the Templeton Prize

With the Scottish Board we had positive meetings with both Edinburgh and Glasgow University Principals regarding incidents on campus

April 2016

The beginning of the month was quiet as it was Spring Break at all the universities so it was quite quiet.

On the 13 April went to St Andrews and had a lunch and learn session on Pesach and distributed Pesach packs containing matza and other goodies.

On the 20th April distributed Pesach packs at Edinburgh University outside the library, even met some students that had never been in contact with before.

Pesach – First Night Seder (22nd April) had over 20 students at our house. Various students popped in for meals during Yom Tov. During Chol Hamoed we went up to St Andrews and 20 students had a kosher pesach chicken meal, and we also went to Edinburgh the following day and a smaller number of students (as it was exam time)  had a meal too.

March 2016

The month started with a very successful Shabbaton in Edinburgh with 30 students, and Elchanan Miller, an Israeli Journalist arranged by the embassy. On Shabbat we substituted for Rabbi Rose and hosted a community lunch which some students joined.

Sarah continued her coffee and learn sessions in the West End of Glasgow

Glasgow JSoc gave an impressive presentation at Strathclyde University for diversity week.

On Purim we had a Star Wars themed party at our house, starting with a traditional reading of the Megillah followed by a purim meal  and entertainment with music and loads of fun. Each student also received a mishloach manot pack which was very much appreciated.

On Thursday 31st there was a BDS motion at Edinburgh University and we have been supporting various students since the results

February 2016

A very busy but enjoyable month alongside our normal bagel lunches at Strathclyde, Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities and a meat lunch at St Andrews

We held very successful Shabatons  in Edinburgh (50 students) and St Andrews (25 students)

Hebrew classes are flourishing (and now include St Andrews) as are Sarahs new fortnightly coffee and learn sessions in the West End of Glasgow.

Also took students to Holyrood to hear the Anti Semitism debate in the Scottish Parliament

We also supported a talk with 2 members of the IDF at  Edinburgh University Israel Society and sponsored  lunch

At the end of the month great fun was had at the Northern Region weekend in Lancaster

January 2016

Highlights this month – Shabaton in Edinburgh, student meeting with Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister) at the Scottish Parliament and Holocaust Memorial Day event organised at Edinburgh University.

December 2015

Chanukah Party Time and usual Bagel lunches

November 2015

As well as our regular bagel lunches at  Glasgow, Strathclyde and Edinburgh a few extra highlights this month included

Shabaton in St Andrews

Scott Saunders, founder of March for the Living visit to Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow

Mitzvah Day – students helped clean the cemetery

Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day


October 2015 and the fun has started

Highlights this month include Sushi evening in Aberdeen, Challah bakes in Edinburgh and St Andrews and Shabbat UK @ Giffnock Shul (along with our regular bagel and falafel lunches) and a visit to Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow.

Rosh Hashana 5776


We wish you a sweet and good New Year – may you be inscribed in the book of life.

August 2015 – An exciting new start is planned

Wonder what Chaplains do when they are at a training weekend?


We have some exciting news to share with you – please stay tuned to our blog or contact us to hear the news first !

June 2015 – The University year has ended

Will be back for the new University year soon – and will update you with plans for the future – in the meantime if you want to contact us please select Contact Yossi  page or Contact Sarah  page or to contact the Chaplaincy Board select Contact JSCS page on the Contacts Menu Item.

May 2015 – Lag B’Omer, Shavuot, and End of Term

This month started off with an amazing end of the year Friday Night Dinner in Edinburgh, We had a great crowd and new faces even though this was the last event.

we had a few good bagel lunches at Strathclyde uni and hoping to next year make this a bigger event.

on the 14th of May we had the end of the year BBQ at our house with a bonfire lots of food and great discussion.

I went to the AGM meeting at Edinburgh Chapalincy, where I gave in a report.

Attended meeting at Strathclyde.

We had a Shavout Dinner at our House where we discussed the purpose of the Torah and had lots of Milky food.

Jsoc organised a trip to Air Space – Trampoline park, Sarah and I joined for the jump

April 2015 – Pesach

Pesach Lunch - St Andrews - lovely Matza

Pesach Lunch – St Andrews – lovely Matza

We hosted a warm seder at our house and during Chol Hamoed went to St Andrews and had a Matza Lunch, which was great fun (picture above). On the last two days of Yom Tov we hosted some graduate students for a meal at our house.

After Pesach we had various falafel and bagel lunches at Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities and attended an event at Holyrood on the 30th April.

March 2015 – Purim and the Israeli Ambassador

Discussion on Esther and Ruth - by Daniel Taub

Discussion on Esther and Ruth – by Daniel Taub

Edinburgh Purim ball and various falafel lunches at Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities and various meetings with students at Stirling and Glasgow.

February 2015 – features our weekend in Comrie

January 2015 –

Met up with French Students after the attacks in France

Glasgow – in addition to our usual bagel lunches we also went 10 pin bowling with students, and organised a Mega Friday night meal at our house attended by over 23 students

Edinburgh – bagel lunches and coffees and on Holocaust Memorial Day a special event organised by jSoc with over 70 attending special prayers and a short talk .

December 2014 –

A busy month – Donuts all the way

Edinburgh – we held an extra nice bagel lunch in memory of Daniella Sciama and during Chanukah joined in with the jSoc Chanukah pub crawl distributing Donuts. Represented Chaplaincy at a Chanukah party organised by Edinburgh City Chambers.

Dundee – right before Chanukah we met up with some students and celebrated with Donuts and Chankiot

St Andrews – we distributed Donuts at the library

University of the West of Scotland – at an interfaith event sponsored by the university we distributed over 100 Donuts

Glasgow – a big Chanukah party at our house also had a French student and his family for dinner

November 2014 –

On our travels again – Stirling University on 3rd for a felafel lunch followed by a bagel lunch at Strathclyde University on the 4th.

On the 5th Yossi was at St Andrews and Sarah was at Edinburgh Universities for lunches and on the 6th at Glasgow University

on 11th , 12th, and 13th bagel lunches were held at Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities – on the 13th  we had an extra nice Bagel Lunch with Yiftach from the Israeli Embassy – the Bagel lunch took place off campus due to security issues.

On 14th and 15th a very successful Shabbat Dinner in Edinburgh with 35 Student, great atmosphere and a really nice time, after Shabbat we held a small Havdallah event at Edinburgh Shul for the students.

On 18th and 19th Scott Saunders from the March of The Living came to a supper in Glasgow where we first held a memorial service for the victims murdered in the  attack in Jerusalem, Scott came to a special meat lunch in Edinburgh as well.

24th had a nice Bagel lunch at Caledonia University with additional bagel lunches on 25th , 26th and 27th at Strathclyde , Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities.

October 2014 – a month dominated by Yom Tov

On 1st and 2nd October I held bagel lunches in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively

Kol Nidrei hosted a pre fast meal and a few students stayed over Yom Kippur and some students broke their fast.

Sukkot – 1st night yom tov hosted students at our sukkah with students from Glasgow

Held Sukkot events on 12th, 13th and 14th October in Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow, where students helped erect and decorate a sukkah and we provided a lovely meat meal.

20th October meetings in both Strathclyde and Caledonian Universities

22nd and 23 October bagel lunches at Edinburgh and Glasgow

24th October – Shabbat UK – with students at our house

27th October bagel lunch at Strathclyde University

28th October Yossi held a felafel dinner with students in Aberdeen

29th October held a bagel lunch in Edinburgh

30th October bagel lunch at Glasgow University

September 2014 – a busy start to the New Year

Starting with a great and useful training seminar in London
Aberdeen freshers where I met a couple of new students and linked them up with the jsoc.
St. Andrews freshers faith fair and a meeting with the jsoc crew
Edinburgh and Herriot Watt freshers – about 60 new sign ups – meeting with Edinburgh jsoc
A great bagel lunch in St. Andrews with 25 students
Friday Night meal in Edinburgh in memory of Daniella Sciama – with 35 students, some of them Daniellas friends.  Was a great evening where we got a chance to sit and shmooze.
Rosh Hashana dinner in our house with 17 students from different Glasgow Unis and Stirling Uni – lots of new faces.