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December 2017


For over 4 decades, Jewish Student Chaplaincy Scotland has been there for Jewish students, raising funds for the full range of educational, religious and pastoral support, as well as giving grants for student activities and travel to events.


We are on the way!

Rabbi Yossi and Sarah Bodenheim continue their active roles as Scotland’s Chaplaincy Couple and are at the forefront of Jewish student activity across the campuses.

Please help us continue our vital work!


The Chaplains:


  • continue a long tradition of welcoming students into their home for Shabbat and Festival hospitality and take their hospitality to the campuses, creating an atmosphere and ‘home away from home.’


  • provide practical and emotional support to students fighting antisemitism on campus.



  • provide Jewish education programmes, shiurim, speakers and ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, as well as educational input to Regional events.


  • get to know young people in the community and help with information and advice as they prepare to go to university or into work or training.

Jewish student views straddle the spectrum of political and religious opinion and the Chaplains work with the university authorities to ensure they are free to study and participate in all aspects of student life in a safe and constructive atmosphere. With current events, Chaplaincy support for Jewish students in Scotland is more vital than ever.